Welcome to the Reiki Energiequelle (Reiki energy source)


On the following sides I would like to inform you more closely about my energy work with Reiki and other well-being manner.  At some of my experiences, I let participate you gladly. 

My special concern belongs to the animals and the animal owners.  This is to be understood as a unit, for animals are our teachers and can open us the way to us even. 

Gladly I am available to you also for personal well-being treatments, then offering work-shops and training-colleges to being able healing yourself and others. You can find more on my contact side. 

I wish you much joy looking up my web page. 
Elvi Weimar

What is Reiki? 


REIKI (spoken "Reeki") means and is UNIVERSAL VITAL POWER (Vigor).  In the previous century, REIKI, as an age old wisdom, became rediscovered by the Christian monk Dr. Usui which he found in old Sanskrit Sutras.  This new discovered wisdom causes, that at the wonderful energy in powerful and concentrated form, runs through the hands of those who can handle this Universal Vital Power that is due to a 2500 year old tradition. 


The strength of this dynamic energy depends on that, what the receiving body needs.  At the same time REIKI works on three plains: on the physical, the intellectual and the mental.  The own healing powers are therefore developed by REIKI so that it can work on all plains and cleans and strengthens the body.